the 2021 Auditions

The 2021 auditions will take place:

from Monday the 19th to Friday the 23rd of July

or from Monday the 26th to Saturday the 30th of July









You have to send us by email/WeTransfer all the documents before May the 1st ! (If you read this message after the deadline, you can still try to contact us and we'll see if it could be possible for you to take part of our auditions anyway.)


There is no age limit or specific competence required to enter our Professional Formation ! But, obviously, some could be an (dis)advantage !


During the audition’s week, we’ll try to evaluate the candidates techniques but we’ll also have subjective criterias (personality, etc.). We’ll be more interested in knowing who you are than what you can do ! To achieve this, the candidates will have lessons in theatre, dance, acrobatics and their specialties. There will also be a little discussion and a presentation in the end of the week based on a theme that will be revealed during the audition. Except if we have a “doubt”, we’ll give the answers concerning the acceptance face to face at the end of the week !


But, prior to that, we'll hace to make a preselection based on your documents. We'll give you the decision if you're allowed to do the audition before the end of May. If you really need a quicker answer because you need to prepare your travel, let us know !


It is possible to visit our school anytime during the year. If you want to, contact us so we can fix a time that would fit everybody !


If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us !

English questionnaire for 2021 auditions

(click to download)